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Electronics related Links

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Personal homepages

  • Eric's blog
  • Matti Laevaert
    Electronics, PIC tutorial, black box for cars (Dutch)
  • Adam Horden
    High-voltage zone! Tesla coils and other electronics (English)
  • Kurt Moerman
    Electronics Facts & figures, computer software, and more! (English, Dutch)
  • Jonathan Pauwels (Sp3ci3S_187)
    pic-controlled UV-case, PSU with pic18f877 (Dutch)
  • Stef Mientki
    Great website about PIC's, digital electronics and unofficial JAL documentation (English)
  • Vasile Surducan
    Lots of interesting PIC & JAL stuff and beautiful pictures of romanian mountains. (English)
  • Erv walter .net
    Geek stuff... (English)
  • Van Dam
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Projects and observations in microcontroller electronics (English)
  • Andreas Schwertner
    PIC projects, mp3 player, homebuilt Z80 Laptop (English)
  • Izabella Malcolm
    Z80, 8085 microprocessor projects and composite video generation (English)
  • Bill Bowden
    Collection of over 100 circuit diagrams for the hobbyist or student (English)
  • Drew Hickmans
    uP's, 110VAC Computer Controlled Dimmer, Switching 110VAC (relays, solid state) (English)
  • Quozl's Open Source
    Microcontrollers, electronics, open source, need I say more? (English)
  • Bob blick's projects
    propellor clock, H bridge, mp3 player, lcd serial terminal, 555 as ADC, led sign (English)
  • Roman Black
    2-transistor Black regulator,One-bit sound recording/playback on a PIC,Magic One-second timer algorithm for PIC (English)
  • Mike's electric stuff
    high voltage, lasers and vacuum tubes (English)

Open Projects

  • Dogs
    An open project to build a multifunctional multimedia/game appliance with a pic (French)
  • JAL Ethernet Project
    Doing ethernet with jal!(English)

Microcontroller development tools

Schematics and PCB design, and simulation tools

Electronics resources