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Custom motion sensor wall mount


A motion sensor with pushbutton behind it.

Motion sensors; the simplest kind of automation, and the most useful. Especially during night, when you're finding your way to the smallest room in the house. I could not find a sensor I liked, however, and did not want to spend a lot of money on something ugly.

A friend of mine built just this, with the exception of using glue to stick it together. I designed and 3D printed a slightly more complicated contraption, which can be pushed to bring the room light up from night setting to full brightness.


The motion sensor


HC-SR501 'Arduino/hobby' Motion sensor

This simple sensor can be bought for about 4.2€ and accepts voltages up to 24V. Double check the input capacitor rating though, mine was only rated for ~15V, so I replaced mine with a brand-name capacitor rated a lot higher than 24V.

Its output is a 3v3 logic signal. This can be used to drive a (power) transistor which in turn can drive a 24V relay or PLC digital input.

The wall plate


Wall plate (blindplaat)

Our switches and sockets are made by Niko. They also manufacture a 'blank' plate that can be used as a placeholder to fit an extra switch or power socket at a later time.

The blankplate has mounting holes on the back and costs also about 4.2€. That makes it ideal for creating DIY controls.

I designed and printed a drill guide to easily mark the center and used a step drill to create the big hole to fit the motion sensor through.

A fixed sensor mount

I created this PIR mounting plate initially, and it worked perfectly.


Motion sensor mount

Sensor mount with integrated button

When adding a night mode to the lighting system, I needed an override button to turn on the full brightness in case it is ever needed.

I designed this new mount plate that adds small switches.


Button guide and PIR mount parts

I added a bit of lubricant where both parts make contact and slide.


Seen from the side, with screw touching blindplate


Switches visible from the side

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