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Author: Thomas Langewouters
description:Start page of my website

Hello there, and welcome to my homepage!

You can read about who I am on the appropriately named page of my Website. As for the other pages, the sole purpose of them is to have an overview of my for-fun software and electronics projects, and to share the stuff that can be useful to other people out there. So go ahead, feel free to explore my pages, and send me your comments, critics, tips or questions about the stuff on my site. I always like some feedback...

If you're wondering why there's no blog here, you might be pleased to see me tapping into this new medium soon. Syndicate-able, flashy, the works! Lame excuse for not jumping the bandwagon sooner is my stubbornness and addiction to the Vim editor, plus I want to keep writing in restructured text. I just haven't come around to hacking up my own web-journal software yet.

You are currently viewing a temporary semi-static website, the writings are maintained in reStructured Text, and rendered to html code using docutils, presentation is done with CGI written in Python, which will make place for something a bit more advanced soon. This is all supposed to be fully compliant to XHTML1 and CSS standards.

now hosted on flux!

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