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Din-rail mounted Home assistant gear

din rail mounted stuff

I have a technical wall with several pieces of electronics mounted onto it. It started to look a bit disorganized, with all these things mounted at random places on the wooden board and cables running all over the place.

So I wanted to clean it up a bit... I stumbled upon a DIN-rail mount on Thingiverse, and remembered I had a piece of DIN rail in a box. Time to remix a bit and mount everything on DIN rail!

I had quite some stuff that was suited to mount on the DIN rail:

  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • NVMe SSD in enclosure
  • Arduino Uno used as an interface board
  • a separate USB hub: the RPi only has 4 ports, of which 2 are used for disk I/O
  • a MOCA (ethernet<>coax transceiver) unit
  • WD My book hard disk

I used the Arduino Uno mount from this nice collection of DIN rail mounts:

everything mounted

picture by imstrng

With everything installed on my wall, it looks like this:

everything mounted

To mount everything I created these new objects:

  • snap-in-place RPi 1, Rpi 2,3,4 holder
  • 50x50mm fan holder (to cool the pi)
  • Trust 7 Port USB2 Powered Hub HU-5870V (Pyramid shaped USB hub)
  • MOCA network-over COAX converter holder

You can find them at

usb hub

I also created a box to hold my hard disk

WD My book hard disk holder

The Lock bits tend to drop out, which is why I use these slightly bent bits:

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