Thomas makes, writes


About Me

Hello, I'm Thomas.

I'm a maker and electronics hobbyist, I like to build things.

I use this webspace to document my makes because I enjoy sharing them with the world. It also ends up as documentation for future-me.

I live in Belgium, right next to the city of Ghent, together with my wife Ellen and our two sons, Arthur and Louis.

I'm an embedded software engineer working for Qorvo inc.

I enjoy walking, hiking, and running in nature.

You can find the 3d designs I share on my thingiverse user page

I also have a GitHub account, with some past projects.

Stuff I can get weirdly enthusiastic about

  • Microhydro electricity/power generation
  • Home assistant
  • 3D printing
  • embedded controllers
  • TDD, Unit/regression/automated testing
  • Hierarchical state machines
  • lists


  • Dell XPS15 laptop
  • Logitech M570 trackballs
  • Apple mini keyboards (USB, without numpad)
  • Prusa MK3s 3D Printer
  • Glue gun
  • Stereo metallurgical microscope
  • Vim
  • shellcheck
  • python
  • openscad 3D modelling
  • valgrind
  • GCC
  • Ubuntu, armbian, buildroot
  • Raspberry pi's