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Hello, I'm Thomas Langewouters. This is my personal website, I use it to document some of the things I create as a hobby. I enjoy writing and sharing these notes, and most of the time it is useful documentation for future-me.

I live in Europe/Belgium, right next to the city of Ghent, together with my wife Ellen and our two sons, Arthur and Louis. I enjoy walking, hiking and running in nature.

I work as an embedded software engineer for Qorvo inc. on device drivers and wireless protocol stacks that implement the Internet of Things on microcontroller platforms and Linux.

You can find the 3d designs I share on my thingiverse user page

I also have a GitHub account, with some past projects.

This website

I started this website as a teenager, and at one point it didn't receive updates for more than 10 years. I felt the itch to write about my makes and hacks once again. You can recognise the old stuff by the timestamp at the top of each page.

My website was previously rendered by a static website generator I wrote (10+ years ago) that used docutils, and the content uses RestructuredText for markup (which was a thing before markdown became popular). So nowadays I can use Pelican to render the old content and enjoy Pelican plugins to enable more features.

I used the Blue Penguin theme as basis for the website style. Feel free to ask for the template if you want to reuse the design.

User comments

To allow for visitor feedback, I create a Mastodon post for every page I write on this website. When you click the 'Load comments' button, a piece of javascript code fetches the replies ('toots' as they are called) and shows them on the webpage. No comment data or cookies are stored on my webserver.

Stuff I can get weirdly enthusiastic about

  • Microhydro electricity/power generation
  • Home assistant
  • 3D printing
  • embedded controllers
  • TDD, Unit/regression/automated testing
  • Hierarchical state machines
  • lists


Links to some people's homepages/blogs that I like and follow.

  • Tim Broddin, a former coworker of mine, DIY, pop music,...
  • Russell graves, single board computers, offgrid/homesteading.
  • Manfred Mornhinweg, a detailed DIY microhydro build, electronic circuits and more
  • Joey Hess, creator of git-annex
  • Ken Shirriff, reverse engineers old computers
  • Michael teeuw, DIY's cool interactive hardware
  • Paweł Zadrożniak, Floppy disk organ, DIY electronics
  • Sean Blanchfield, technology, home assistant and electronics hacks
  • carroarmato0, networking, devops, home assistant

Youtube subscriptions


  • Dell XPS15 laptop
  • Logitech M570 trackballs
  • Apple mini keyboards (USB, without numpad)
  • Prusa MK3s 3D Printer
  • Glue gun
  • Stereo metallurgical microscope
  • Vim
  • radare2, python-pfp, vim-pfp
  • shellcheck
  • python
  • openscad 3D modelling
  • valgrind
  • GCC
  • Ubuntu, armbian, buildroot
  • Raspberry pi's

Contact Me

You can direct-message me or mention me on mastodon You can email me too, my email address is my

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You can direct-message me, or mention me
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