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DIY extension block

from the side

During COVID19 lockdown, I found myself struggling with cheap extension blocks, in fact I find most extension blocks horrible, and most power supply blocks can't fit next to each other.

I still had three brand new, wall sockets left over from electricity renovations (I opted to place earth wire so installed appropriate sockets). These are Niko brand, the finest EU/BE sockets available, and are lovely to use in every way possible. I already considered making larger extension blocks this way.

Since shops were closed, I figured I could just as well print myself an enclosure, add a grommet and be done. The lack of earth protection is not a blocker if used with wall warts or USB chargers that don't connect to it.

The box is composed of these parts:

  • simple 2d border shape in OpenSCAD, on which I used a negative offset operator, which creates an inside border, which is extruded to create depth for the sockets
  • A back plate
  • mounting studs to screw the sockets into.
  • a hole for the grommet. (note that in the pictures, it's in a bad location, I drilled a hole and fitted it next to the side of that plane, otherwise the wire pushes against the socket.
top, without faceplate

I printed this with my prototype spool, devil design Galaxy purple PETG.


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